Friday, April 24, 2009

The forest for the trees!

Sometimes I wonder, went to a school board meeting last evning regarding the Budget, and I was appalled to heard all the whining regarding budget cuts to non- essential services! in A district where A number of schools are on the worst performing list of schools in NYs, we have people whining about no more chinese language courses or spanish courses in elementary schools? WTF??!! to coin a phrase? priorities people! I think this school district has gotten way too spoiled and has lost sight of the true issue, our failing educational system. I mean one of the parents who spoke made it a point o say that for her "giffen wasnt a option for her kids". So ,let me get this straight: you acknowledge that there is A serious problem in our school district, but yet youre crying because you want your kids to learn chinese? O-K! Like I said I wonder if People can see the forest for the trees! In Albany I truly wonder about that!

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