Friday, April 24, 2009

The forest for the trees!

Sometimes I wonder, went to a school board meeting last evning regarding the Budget, and I was appalled to heard all the whining regarding budget cuts to non- essential services! in A district where A number of schools are on the worst performing list of schools in NYs, we have people whining about no more chinese language courses or spanish courses in elementary schools? WTF??!! to coin a phrase? priorities people! I think this school district has gotten way too spoiled and has lost sight of the true issue, our failing educational system. I mean one of the parents who spoke made it a point o say that for her "giffen wasnt a option for her kids". So ,let me get this straight: you acknowledge that there is A serious problem in our school district, but yet youre crying because you want your kids to learn chinese? O-K! Like I said I wonder if People can see the forest for the trees! In Albany I truly wonder about that!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Issues and answers

well held a press conferance today and I demaded that the media begin to focus more on the issues and where the canddiates stand and have stood on same> I think that with only four months to go before votes have been cast its appaling to note that no questions reagarding the issues have been put to Any of the candidates for mayor. eseentially giving out A feree pass? I dont know about you, But Id like to know where my opponents stand and have stood on issues like crime and education, id like to know what they have done regarding vioelcne in the community, these issues and so many more remain unaddressed, and it is to the detriment of the people and process that it continues! I hope that my "wake up call is heard" because very soon it will be too late! I also did my charity event today, had some fun for a worthy cause, nice to know that some good things are coming out of this run for mayor! well thats it for today! Gotta gert ready for the final push on the education budget tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday on the campaign trail

well its monday and Im preparing to speak before the citys governing council. Got my permit for My press conferance and im looking forward to that because this race needs real shaking up! More candidates are entering the race, bringing the same old political same old! its kinda of sad really. but oh well politics is politics! Tok a break from the blog and it shows, where there was conversation now there is nothing cool with me though! well A busy political week beckons so lets go!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

what needs to be focused upon

well in reviewing the rccent article printed in fri 4/17/09 Timesunion about me, I neglected to bring to the publics attention A salient point and fact that was in that article, and for which the T.U.s union should be commended. because that point speaks loudest of why im running for this office and why i should seriously be considered by every voter and every political organization for support. And that point is and im quoting directly from the Times Union here: " To his(my)credit he has stood up and spoken out when others are content to stay silent" what A statement folks! A statement of leadership and being credited for same! How many of the other candidates running for the office of mayor In Albany can say that about themsleves, or have ever had that said about them? That is what needs to be focused upon, the issues and where we have stood upon them not trivia and trivialities dont you think people?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

upgrade update

ok people with my first bit of mud slinged at me in this campaign being subtly brushed off , we can once more focus on the issues, something that is clearly lacking in this campaign. oh yeah, I am particiapting in A charity even this weds at Albanys palace theatre for MDA and I hope that people will support them in their efforts. they gave me less than A weeks notice so I hope thy arent too disapointed with my results. went up beofre the county dems today, and I gave A great accounting of myself, I hope they understand as this entire city will, that while im not the Black guy you expected, that you(the media and the status quo) have groomed I am the black man who is going to win this race! Im about to turn up the heat in this race, and then people will see that I am who I say Iam! the next mayor of the city of Albany!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does it hurt?

well evidently my camapign is shaking things up. The T.U. the Newspaper that i had to foce to recognize my campaign is preparing to publish a expose on me in tomorrows paper. they say its a Issue the public needs to know. playing the same old politics hoping to manipulate the public. well Im confident that this tactic is about to backfire in my favor so I look forward to tomorrow!

Also in conjunction with that it seems that the folks at my workplace are starting to get in line with the campaign against my campaign as well. Doent pay to be a independant black man trying to do right I suppose. but whatever the case after tomorrow ill be standing better than i ever did and the people will finally see just whats really going down and who they are really worried about!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The same Old same Old?

AH politics as usual> The TU has privided The mayor and the two Status Quo challengers for the office Councilpersons Morris and Ellis platforms for their agendas. And the County democrats are about to have their meeting devoid Im sure of Candidates outside of the Status quo. I seems that I am indeed the only real hope for change in Albany NY. Because the forces that be are clearly standing behind the status quo. I truly hope that for the City of Albanys sake, that I am up to this challenge. because If I dont provide something new, then Im sure that Albany will get nothing but the same old political same old from whomever else is elected in Nov.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Politics versus results

AS you may or May have heard, In Albany currently My opponents are embroiled in A bit of Political theatre regarding"ghost tickets" A issue that was raised during A election year(shocking) But while My oppoents have been bascially wasting time and public monies posturing, I have been spearheading the effort that has been made By the Albany city school district to present the Lowest School budget in history, and the lowest tax levy on the citizens of Albany in recent Memory! So on the one hand you have Politics and on the other hand you have results. which would you choose?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Platform

So what does Marlon stand for? where will I take the city as Mayor you ask? well here's the platform you be the judge!

there are four major areas of concern, 1 st and formost is CRIME

if I am elected I will put police back on the beat, open neighborhood police stations, and I will roll back the crufew on bars and clubs in the city to 2:00pm. I will also enforce quality of life standards to ensure less littering, public lewdness and the like, I will pursue the gun traffic in this city and end the youth vioelnce.

If Im elected I will take greater control of the school district from the Board of education and be privvy to all actions taken by the board and reserve final approval for any and all actions taken. I will demand that the next Superintendant of schools in the City of Albany make getting the schools in Albany that are on the worst performaing schools in the state list off of it! I will demand results!No more excuses and no more high tax rolls! !It's back to basics for this school district until the priorities are met! those priorities being students who can read and write and do math! results are the best way to sell public education and under my leadership this school district will deliver!

Economics: this city's economic structure has become ludicrious. basically it has become champagne wishes and caviar dreams. bur dreaming of dollars and tourism dont make for A sound economic policy. We need A economic engine that drives its self, and perpetuates itself! And that my friends is retail! I have a plan to bring retail back to9 downtown albany in the form of A shopping mall and I also have a plan to turn our urban blight our abandonded buildings into revenue machines! machines that will create jobs ,housing and A steady revenue stream for the city! It is this type of thinking that will create A sustainable and real economy for this city.

Taxes: i have allready led the school ditrcit in keeping tazes down and i will consolodate and merge city taxes into a structure that will slide in scale so that those who need to pay less will pay less and those who need to pay more will pay only as much as they should.

Thats the platform. something good for this city to stand on dont you think?

Monday, April 6, 2009

The reason why(the rundown)

SO you wonder, WHY is marlon Anderson running for Mayor? Well it's this simple: ive been involved for over A decade with community issues in the City of Albany. For years Iquietly stood in the background providing Shadow support to leaders who emerged offering hope to improve A community that Sorely needed it! Yet time and again I watched as nothing changed, and hope was extinguished. So rather than stand idly by once again and let another Hope disapoint me, I decided to take A active hand in the electorial process and this election! This city faces many issues of crisis. from crime and gun violence, to a declining educational system. We have Guns in our streets, and public schools that are disappearing among other issues and all we get is the same old political same old! Excuses and no results! and now in A election year we have the same old politicans and political appointees looking to advance themselves and not the City! To me that is unacceptable and thats why Im running for Mayor of the City of Albany. We need something new in the city of Albany and I believe I am that something new! Because In all the years Ive been championing the issues, Ive never once ran for A political office, or looked for A political appointment. Ive acted with one goal and one goal only, and that goal was to better the City of Albany! and I will continue to pursue that goal. SO Im asking you the people, to give me the opportunity and invest your power in Me to make the changes that are needed in this city to make it better for you. WHY you ask? Ask no longer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to my new website and blog about my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Albany. From here is where you will be able to get information, updates and developments regarding my efforts to become the Next Mayor of the City of Albany!
In the next few months I will be agressively pursuing A agenda for all Albanians. One that will provide safer streets, lower crime, better education, Jobs, and lower taxes. And while my opponents pursue the same old political same old. I will be pushing for "Something new" !!

So Here I am. I will be updating this site regularly and please feel free to enter your comments or questions. And I promise, I will answer each and every one!

So welcome one and all to the Campaign trail!