Wednesday, May 27, 2009


good morning folks. Had yet another interesting conversation with A potential voter last evening, and it is leading me to conclude that more and more the voters of Albany are ready to choose none of the Above in this election If you know what I mean. They may try to avoid it, but the handwriting is on the wall! Once the issues are addressed in this campaign ,issues like crime, violence on our streets and involving our youth, education and all the rest, and the failure of my opponents to address these issues is revealed, the public will indeed choose NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Politics and A tale of 2 Cities

Sorry I havent posted in so long folks, Been A busy little bee. As yu saw the educational budger passed, the lowest in Recent Albany history, and who led that effort? that issue(and many others apparently)aside. I think its very appalling and insulting to the voters of Albany that 1:the issues are still not being focused upon in this electtoial by neither the candidates of record, or more importantly the media, the voice of the people! A voice that has become very partisan and very focused on everything but the issues of this important race! I think that A focus on the issues would be a great story pn this race dont you? Well anyway, A issue of mine in this rce is the example of how A one horse town like Saratoga can have A thriving downttown area,while Albany's so called vaunted downtown Bid has resulted in a area totally devoid of the same? Issues folks MANY issues! will they ever be addressed? I wonder--------!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

enough is enough!

Hello people another week of Politics upcoming. Going before the common council tonight to call ONCE AGAIN, for A end to this long and drawn out"Ghost Ticket" process. I mean enough is enough! with all the issues that te council could be in special session on, or have A special focus on the only thing they could find of merit is this? But more on that tonight! Im also lookinf forwar4d to the passing of the Albany city schooll Budget on tues night, something that Ive lead on and am very proud of its result. Priorities ,results not politics that is what being A leader is all about.

Friday, May 15, 2009

dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

AH politics! Last week i recevied A letter from Citizen action?working familes party to eb interviewed for their endorsement. A surprise since I thought(and knew) that they were In the pocket(or is it the ohter way around) of Corey Ellis. Well today they stopped with the pretending that they are more than A PAC and came out and informed me that I woudlnt be interviewed and that they supported Corey Ellis. So much for bring politics back to the people eh> Hate to say it, but its going ro be such a revelation when they find out that On the issues, issues like crime , and youth and gun violence, and education and much more, the emperor, he being Corey Eliis has no clothes! He is not the Obama they are trying to paint him out to be, and putting the eggs into that one basket is only insuring Mayor jennings re-election! Ah Politics! dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

DE-Nial belongs in Egypt!!!

Laughin hysterically at how some folks are in acture denial about my campaign. there are taking every postion and making every statement but the right ones. and heaven forbid we talk about or tackle one issue( and given that there are so many I think that in itself is a shame) But whatever the case Im in this race to win it and while the issues are being avoided Im getting stronger on it, addressed the incumbent at a meeting the other evening and call him to account on the fact that he hasnt built anything of significance in the community during his three terms in office something that he had no choice to agree with me on! THAT is what Im focusing on the ISSUES and where my oppoenents have been on them! So while folsk remain In de NIAL I must remind them that DE-NIAL belongs in egypt! It has no place in this race, Im looking forward to next week after the education Budget viote is held to see if what ive fought for will pass and then I can take credit for being the leading voice on having a measure of fiscal prudence in this city! Another issue! DE Nial indeed! well until next post folks remember theres only one choice for Mayor of Albany: MARLON ANDERSON.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Standing on the outside!

Hello folks as you know Ive been quite busy on the educational front pushing for A budget that will save the taxpayers of the city of Albany Millions of dollars without the politics that are currently afoot in city hall. Ive been scoring other political points as well and though Im standing on the outside of this campaign I still very much like my chances. And It has become very apparent that only A crushing and decisive victory in this race will serve to finally silence the voices who continually fawn negatively about my campaign and about me in general. And I ,for one do very much look forward to the stunned silence that will come when the announcement is made; ANDERSON WINS! ANDERSON MAKES HISTORY! Yes indeed success will be the best revenge> and Im looking forward to taking it! SO from the outside looking in at the fearful status quo I say later!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

where are the issues?

Hello folks, been very busy, had three education meetings on Albanys school budget, and of coruse I was the ONLY candidate there for this important issue( at least I think its important) Albany has made history by introducing this budget, it has saved the taxpayers in this city millions of dollars and im proud to have led this effort. There are many more things that the public doesnt know about me and my efforts. But they will they will!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy!

Siorry for the long time between posts folks, btu Ive been majorly Busy with this campaign, meetings, meetings and more meetings! and nothing but the same old political same old! Had A face off with the Mayor a few days ago, and I was appalled at how all of A SUDDEN THE ISSUES WERENT IMPORTANT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN WHINING ABOUT COCNERNS SUDDENLY SHUT UP WHEN THEY HAD A PRIME OPPORTUNITY TO ADDRESS THE mAYOR ABOUT THEM!All i can say this: If you dont take action, dont expect action to be taken! Ive stepped up, its time for the rest of Albany to do the same! Anyway I hope everyone has A good weekend and next week Ill be back with more results from more meetings and political fol -der -rol!