Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Politics and A tale of 2 Cities

Sorry I havent posted in so long folks, Been A busy little bee. As yu saw the educational budger passed, the lowest in Recent Albany history, and who led that effort? that issue(and many others apparently)aside. I think its very appalling and insulting to the voters of Albany that 1:the issues are still not being focused upon in this electtoial by neither the candidates of record, or more importantly the media, the voice of the people! A voice that has become very partisan and very focused on everything but the issues of this important race! I think that A focus on the issues would be a great story pn this race dont you? Well anyway, A issue of mine in this rce is the example of how A one horse town like Saratoga can have A thriving downttown area,while Albany's so called vaunted downtown Bid has resulted in a area totally devoid of the same? Issues folks MANY issues! will they ever be addressed? I wonder--------!!!!!

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