Friday, May 15, 2009

dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

AH politics! Last week i recevied A letter from Citizen action?working familes party to eb interviewed for their endorsement. A surprise since I thought(and knew) that they were In the pocket(or is it the ohter way around) of Corey Ellis. Well today they stopped with the pretending that they are more than A PAC and came out and informed me that I woudlnt be interviewed and that they supported Corey Ellis. So much for bring politics back to the people eh> Hate to say it, but its going ro be such a revelation when they find out that On the issues, issues like crime , and youth and gun violence, and education and much more, the emperor, he being Corey Eliis has no clothes! He is not the Obama they are trying to paint him out to be, and putting the eggs into that one basket is only insuring Mayor jennings re-election! Ah Politics! dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!

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