Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy!

Siorry for the long time between posts folks, btu Ive been majorly Busy with this campaign, meetings, meetings and more meetings! and nothing but the same old political same old! Had A face off with the Mayor a few days ago, and I was appalled at how all of A SUDDEN THE ISSUES WERENT IMPORTANT AND THE PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN WHINING ABOUT COCNERNS SUDDENLY SHUT UP WHEN THEY HAD A PRIME OPPORTUNITY TO ADDRESS THE mAYOR ABOUT THEM!All i can say this: If you dont take action, dont expect action to be taken! Ive stepped up, its time for the rest of Albany to do the same! Anyway I hope everyone has A good weekend and next week Ill be back with more results from more meetings and political fol -der -rol!

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