Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Standing on the outside!

Hello folks as you know Ive been quite busy on the educational front pushing for A budget that will save the taxpayers of the city of Albany Millions of dollars without the politics that are currently afoot in city hall. Ive been scoring other political points as well and though Im standing on the outside of this campaign I still very much like my chances. And It has become very apparent that only A crushing and decisive victory in this race will serve to finally silence the voices who continually fawn negatively about my campaign and about me in general. And I ,for one do very much look forward to the stunned silence that will come when the announcement is made; ANDERSON WINS! ANDERSON MAKES HISTORY! Yes indeed success will be the best revenge> and Im looking forward to taking it! SO from the outside looking in at the fearful status quo I say later!

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