Thursday, May 14, 2009

DE-Nial belongs in Egypt!!!

Laughin hysterically at how some folks are in acture denial about my campaign. there are taking every postion and making every statement but the right ones. and heaven forbid we talk about or tackle one issue( and given that there are so many I think that in itself is a shame) But whatever the case Im in this race to win it and while the issues are being avoided Im getting stronger on it, addressed the incumbent at a meeting the other evening and call him to account on the fact that he hasnt built anything of significance in the community during his three terms in office something that he had no choice to agree with me on! THAT is what Im focusing on the ISSUES and where my oppoenents have been on them! So while folsk remain In de NIAL I must remind them that DE-NIAL belongs in egypt! It has no place in this race, Im looking forward to next week after the education Budget viote is held to see if what ive fought for will pass and then I can take credit for being the leading voice on having a measure of fiscal prudence in this city! Another issue! DE Nial indeed! well until next post folks remember theres only one choice for Mayor of Albany: MARLON ANDERSON.

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