Monday, April 6, 2009

The reason why(the rundown)

SO you wonder, WHY is marlon Anderson running for Mayor? Well it's this simple: ive been involved for over A decade with community issues in the City of Albany. For years Iquietly stood in the background providing Shadow support to leaders who emerged offering hope to improve A community that Sorely needed it! Yet time and again I watched as nothing changed, and hope was extinguished. So rather than stand idly by once again and let another Hope disapoint me, I decided to take A active hand in the electorial process and this election! This city faces many issues of crisis. from crime and gun violence, to a declining educational system. We have Guns in our streets, and public schools that are disappearing among other issues and all we get is the same old political same old! Excuses and no results! and now in A election year we have the same old politicans and political appointees looking to advance themselves and not the City! To me that is unacceptable and thats why Im running for Mayor of the City of Albany. We need something new in the city of Albany and I believe I am that something new! Because In all the years Ive been championing the issues, Ive never once ran for A political office, or looked for A political appointment. Ive acted with one goal and one goal only, and that goal was to better the City of Albany! and I will continue to pursue that goal. SO Im asking you the people, to give me the opportunity and invest your power in Me to make the changes that are needed in this city to make it better for you. WHY you ask? Ask no longer.

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