Saturday, April 18, 2009

upgrade update

ok people with my first bit of mud slinged at me in this campaign being subtly brushed off , we can once more focus on the issues, something that is clearly lacking in this campaign. oh yeah, I am particiapting in A charity even this weds at Albanys palace theatre for MDA and I hope that people will support them in their efforts. they gave me less than A weeks notice so I hope thy arent too disapointed with my results. went up beofre the county dems today, and I gave A great accounting of myself, I hope they understand as this entire city will, that while im not the Black guy you expected, that you(the media and the status quo) have groomed I am the black man who is going to win this race! Im about to turn up the heat in this race, and then people will see that I am who I say Iam! the next mayor of the city of Albany!

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