Sunday, April 19, 2009

what needs to be focused upon

well in reviewing the rccent article printed in fri 4/17/09 Timesunion about me, I neglected to bring to the publics attention A salient point and fact that was in that article, and for which the T.U.s union should be commended. because that point speaks loudest of why im running for this office and why i should seriously be considered by every voter and every political organization for support. And that point is and im quoting directly from the Times Union here: " To his(my)credit he has stood up and spoken out when others are content to stay silent" what A statement folks! A statement of leadership and being credited for same! How many of the other candidates running for the office of mayor In Albany can say that about themsleves, or have ever had that said about them? That is what needs to be focused upon, the issues and where we have stood upon them not trivia and trivialities dont you think people?

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