Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Platform

So what does Marlon stand for? where will I take the city as Mayor you ask? well here's the platform you be the judge!

there are four major areas of concern, 1 st and formost is CRIME

if I am elected I will put police back on the beat, open neighborhood police stations, and I will roll back the crufew on bars and clubs in the city to 2:00pm. I will also enforce quality of life standards to ensure less littering, public lewdness and the like, I will pursue the gun traffic in this city and end the youth vioelnce.

If Im elected I will take greater control of the school district from the Board of education and be privvy to all actions taken by the board and reserve final approval for any and all actions taken. I will demand that the next Superintendant of schools in the City of Albany make getting the schools in Albany that are on the worst performaing schools in the state list off of it! I will demand results!No more excuses and no more high tax rolls! !It's back to basics for this school district until the priorities are met! those priorities being students who can read and write and do math! results are the best way to sell public education and under my leadership this school district will deliver!

Economics: this city's economic structure has become ludicrious. basically it has become champagne wishes and caviar dreams. bur dreaming of dollars and tourism dont make for A sound economic policy. We need A economic engine that drives its self, and perpetuates itself! And that my friends is retail! I have a plan to bring retail back to9 downtown albany in the form of A shopping mall and I also have a plan to turn our urban blight our abandonded buildings into revenue machines! machines that will create jobs ,housing and A steady revenue stream for the city! It is this type of thinking that will create A sustainable and real economy for this city.

Taxes: i have allready led the school ditrcit in keeping tazes down and i will consolodate and merge city taxes into a structure that will slide in scale so that those who need to pay less will pay less and those who need to pay more will pay only as much as they should.

Thats the platform. something good for this city to stand on dont you think?

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