Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Issues and answers

well held a press conferance today and I demaded that the media begin to focus more on the issues and where the canddiates stand and have stood on same> I think that with only four months to go before votes have been cast its appaling to note that no questions reagarding the issues have been put to Any of the candidates for mayor. eseentially giving out A feree pass? I dont know about you, But Id like to know where my opponents stand and have stood on issues like crime and education, id like to know what they have done regarding vioelcne in the community, these issues and so many more remain unaddressed, and it is to the detriment of the people and process that it continues! I hope that my "wake up call is heard" because very soon it will be too late! I also did my charity event today, had some fun for a worthy cause, nice to know that some good things are coming out of this run for mayor! well thats it for today! Gotta gert ready for the final push on the education budget tomorrow!

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