Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the signings begin

OK folks its time to get down to the brass tacks as it were. There is only one last bridge to cross in my journey to history. beginning this monday June 29th I will be beginning the process of securing 2000 signatures from the voting public in the City of Albany. With those signatures there will be no more excuses , no more running , no more hiding , once I am offically on the Ballot this election is as good as mine. Not one of my opponents has a better record on the issues, a better grasp on the issues and A better plan for solving the issues. And once Im on the ballot both they and the media that has buoyed some of them will be able to avoid me and the discussion and debate that will come from on on the issues! SO this will be the last Blog update until after july 23, when I will bring you the news that My signatures have been filed and confirmed and the path to history in the making cleared! wish me luck and Albany readers get ready, ill be at your door, or stopping you on the streets soon!

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