Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can I win?

Can I win this election? that is the question(and sorry for the wait between posts) the answer is(with apologies to the Obama campaign) but YES I can! TYhe fact of the matter is Im the best candidate out there! the candidate with the best record and most activity on the issues. the candidate who is uncompromised politically and the only candidate without A political agenda! So Can i win? ask the other candidates what they think. Ask them if they are ready to debate the issues with me, Im sure youll get your answer! the race in Albany has been a textbook example of politics as usual in America, A clear example of why things are so wrong, and the only way that things will be made right is if someone from the outside of politics is allowed to come in and set the ship of state aright! And I am that someone, and like it or not thats just what im going to do!

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  1. The Council of Albany Neighborhood Associations (CANA)would like to sponsor a Democratic Mayoral Candidates Forum at the September 2 CANA meeting. This meeting will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at the main branch of the Albany Public Library.

    Our proposed format is to provide each candidate with a five minute opening and a five minute closing, and then one minute to respond to prescreened questions from the floor. The question screening is designed to ensure that city-wide issues are addressed.

    Please respond by Friday, July 3, whether you plan to participate in the September 2, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Forum at the main branch of the Albany Public Library. Once I hear from all candidates, I will let you know if enough candidates respond to have the forum; our hope is that all candidates will participate.

    Thank you.


    Howard Stoller
    CANA Chair
    518 489-8636 – home phone
    518 573-7786 - cell