Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The race is on!!!!

Hello folks.Kong time No hear from Eh? well Ive been embroiled in the world that is citywide politics! As you know I opted out of the primary process for the simple reason that Im not running to be the democratic nominee Im running to be mayor of the city of Albany.And that is A nomination that must be made by all of the people of Albany ,not just Democrats! SO Im seeking the independant line as A independant democrat. My campaign staff(I was forced to hire in order to insure that Im on the ballot) will be on the ground getting signatures so I encourage EVERYONE:sing mY petitions speak loud and with one voice! because If you put me on the ballot I can assure you Albany will see a political change, that it never saw before!Now is the time to convert talk into action! SO if you truly support me ,If you truly want change sign my petitions and then votee for MARLON ANDERSON! then you will get something New in Albanys city hall!

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